Bring a thing to make a musical

instrument (soda can, 2 aluminum

pie plates, 2 paper bowls, a toilet

paper roll, or a container that

has a top such as an oatmeal box or a plastic ice cream container).

Topic: Music

The universal language


The value we’ll be studying is joy, which comes from excellent values, enjoying the goodness of our lives,  gratitude, and good work.

For science, we’ll learn how sound works.

Outside, we’ll have a 76 instruments band.

The songs we’ll be singing are Singing in the Rain, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, Do-Re-Mi, 76 Trombones, Rock Around the Clock, and Day-O.

For creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to be orchestra conductors.

Our art activities will be rubber band guitars, soda can shakers, kazoos, tambourines, and paint to music.

For motor development we’ll work on coordination by dancing, ribbon dancing, and music freeze.   For moter planning, we’ll listen amd act, find the sound, blowing game, and walking tricks