Bring a pinecone to make

thankful turkeys.

Topic: Pilgrims

Thanksgiving for our great abundance


The value we’ll be studying is wisdom, which is the ability to judge rightly and follow the best course of action.

For manners, we’ll learn to make introductions and to give and receive a compliment.

Outside, we’ll play turkey roundup.

The songs we’ll be singing are High Hopes, It’s a Small World, We Shall Overcome, Happy Talk, and Ten Little Indians.

For creative dramatics, we’ll act out pilgrims and Indians.

Our art activities will be Thanksgiving puppets, corn prints, thankful turkeys, pumpkin pie, and yarn turkey.

For motor development we’ll work on coordination by walking along Indian trails and by playing volleyball balloons.   For bilaterallity, we’ll play hopscotch, parachute, and hot potato.