Bring a picture or a drawing of a thing for which you are grateful

Topic: Pilgrims

Giving thanks for our great abundance

The value is wisdom, which is the ability to judge rightly and follow the best course of action.

For manners, we’ll talk about table manners, how to make introductions, and how to give and receive gifts.

Outside, we’ll do a turkey roundup.

The songs we’ll be singing are It’s a Small World, We Shall Overcome, High Hopes, Happy Talk, and Ten Little Indians. We’ll also practice patterned singing and clapping.

Creative dramatics is pilgrims and Indians.

Our art activities are Thanksgiving puppets, corn prints, Indian headbands, and yarn turkey.

For motor development, we’ll work on coordination with Indian trails and bouncing beach balls. For bilaterality we’ll hop on a maze, play hot potato, hopscotch, parachute, and side slide.


Bedtime is a series of “start” behaviors according to Thomas Phelan in his book 1-2-3 Magic. This means that children respond best with positive motivation, that is, lots of praise for doing things right. So start with deciding what time your child should go to bed. As a rule of thumb, from 6 months up, most children should be sleeping 9 to 11 hours at night, with naps gradually diminishing from not more than 2 hours to nothing around the age of 4 or 5. This requirement will last through middle school.

Once you’ve made the bedtime decision, start getting ready for bed about 30 minutes earlier. Your routine should include potty, bath, tooth brushing, drink, get bed lovey, nighttime kisses, etc. The reward at the end of all this is a pleasant activity such as a story, music, or conversation until the sleep time you have chosen. At that time, it’s a quick hug, tuck in, and you should leave your child’s side. If the chores take less time, you have more time for the reward activity. If chores take you up to lights-out time, then there is no time for the reward activity. Maybe tomorrow will be better. No debate! Some pointers:

  • The reward will be as rewarding as you make it. You must honestly enjoy this wonderful time yourself. Sometimes choose books you like. I know of a father who went through a set of American history encyclopedias. His kids were amazing in history class through junior high. Another time he went through Treasure Island, stopping almost every page to explain such things as lanterns and yardarms.
  • Lights out must be done pleasantly. There can be no further talking and no emotion.
  • If your child is somewhat clingy, assure her you’ll be back in 5 minutes to check on her. At that time, a gentle pat and a quick whisper is enough. Then say you’ll be back in 15 minutes, then 30 minutes.
  • If your child wakes up in the night, let him wiggle for 5 minutes or so. Mostly children will settle back down. If he’s still not settling, assume that a potty-trained child needs to use the bathroom. Do not turn on the light or talk. After sitting on the commode, tuck him back in the bed and leave.

Adults need 7 to 9 hours sleep per night. Are you sabotaging your family’s sleep pattern by not getting enough sleep yourself? It’s a dangerous habit that pays off in irritability and inability to focus. There’s even some thinking that lack of sleep contributes to obesity. Make it a practice to have quiet time after your children’s bedtime. It’ll help them settle down if you’re not doing dishes or laundry after they go to bed.


For Your Information

     Giving Project – This year we are partnering with our friends at DePelchin Children Center and hosting a toy drive at our school. Look for the toy drive flyer in the foyer to see items most wished for and items most needed. You can also see the list on line at Depelchin Children Center serves children ages 0-17 most children are over 5 years old. Gifts must be non-violent, new and unwrapped. You will see the toy drop off box as you enter the school.

   Harvest Festival – We’ll all be gathering for lunch at the school On Friday November16. You can drop off your dish in the morning and we’ll do the rest. We’ll begin at 11:30 and end around 12:30. You are encouraged to bring as much food as you like, nothing will go to waste; after everyone has eaten with the help of parent volunteers we will fill to-go containers with the leftover food and give to our cities homeless and hungry. Volunteers should be gone by 1:15. Look for the sign-up form in the foyer to list what you will are bringing.

Gift Ideas – When considering on which gifs to give your little one check out “For Small Hands” They offer products that allow children to participate in family life by offering tools that are easier for them to handle. See more at


        Public speaking is the most common of all phobias, to help with this fear on Mondays during afternoon circle time the students in the primary class have “talk time” this is when students; if they choose to, stand up in front of their classmates and tell them what they did over the weekend. Helene told her classmates that she stayed at home and played. Evan went to a party and while at the party a little boy turned on the fire alarm and the fire truck came. Isabella went swimming and went underwater and touched the bottom. Zane went to Asher’s birthday party at Adventure Kids.