Bring a picture of a natural or man-made aspect of US geography (e.g., wheat field, Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, lighthouse).

Topic: US Geography

From sea to shining sea

The value is self-reliance, which means we have confidence in our own abilities.

For safety we’ll practice how to keep ourselves safe in strange situations.

Outside we’ll take a trust walk and do mummy dressup.

The songs we’ll be singing are America the Beautiful, Deep in the Heart of Texas, When the Saints Go Marching In, Them Bones, and Camptown Races.  

Our art activities are napkin ghosts, Halloween resist, cotton swab skeletons, mummies, and paper bag pumpkins.

Creative dramatics will be to imagine how to handle safety issues.   

For motor development we’ll build stamina with running, jumping jacks, and squat/jumps. For body development, we’ll work on motor planning with obstacle course, cotton ball blow, and wormy.  




Teach your child how to use the phone. She should know how to dial the operator or to call 9-1-1 from a regular phone or various cell phones. She should know her full name and the name of the street where she lives. If you’re visiting in another city, she should know the full name of the people you are visiting and their street or the hotel where you are staying.

  • Have up-to-date photos. For children under two, this means several times a year. You should also have fingerprints or footprints and know how you can get medical and dental records fairly quickly.
  • Know where your child is at all times. Never leave him unattended in a public place, car, store, or restroom. Make it a point to notice what clothes he is wearing today, and never put his name on a satchel, book, or clothing. Children respond more readily to a person who uses their name.
  • Be sure your child knows what to do if you become separated while in a public place. Teach your child not to look for you. Do not go to the car or hide if she becomes frightened. She can ask a sales clerk, an usher, or an older woman like a grandmother or mother with children for help. Teach her to speak clearly and loudly, even to strangers. Look for these helpful people together while you are on outings.
  • Make sure your child knows who a stranger is. Being polite to adults is okay, but he should say no if an adult asks for help. Children should never get into or go near the home or car of someone their parents don’t know or take gifts from them. As parents, we should be aware of anyone who pays an unusual amount of attention to your child, and listen if a child does not want to be left alone with an adult.
  • Teach her to scream in a loud voice using words, not just shrieking; words like “This is not my daddy” or “Help!”

• In a matter-of-fact way, talk about the ways abductors use to lure children away and how you want your child to respond. Talk about the advantage of the buddy system, and explain what to do if a stranger follows or approaches her. Make sure she understands you will never not come for her or stop looking for her

Coming Up

Carnival – We’ll need parents to drop off trinkets by Tuesday the 29. We also need a few parents to volunteer; you can find the sign up form in the foyer. Volunteers should be at the school by 9:45 the carnival will begin at 10 and last about an hour. Students should arrive at school dressed in their costume and bring a change of clothes.

The Cold Season – This is the time of year we see more runny noses and coughs. We are asking the students to cough not in their hand but the inner part of the arm at home you can help by reminding your child and set the example. You can find information on Influenza in the foyer as you enter the school.

Dates For Your Calendar – On November 22, we will have our annual Harvest Festival, this is a time when parents are asked to bring a dish in the morning and meet at the school for lunch from 11:30 – 12:30. The school will be closed November 27, 28 & 29 for Thanksgiving. Friday December 20, from 3 – 4pm is our Winter Open House, students demonstrate some of the work they enjoy, we’ll have a joyful sing-a-long and end by gathering in the backyard to take our family portrait. The school is closed December 23 – 27 for Christmas. The school is closed Wednesday January 1, for New Years and January 20, for Martin Luther King Jr.

For Your Information – The special project in our US Geography theme is stranger safety. We’ll use hypothetical scenarios for the children to imagine how they might react if their personal safety is threatened. We’ll practice saying “help” very loudly. Bullying is also on the agenda. We encourage you to take a look at how we’re talking about self-reliance and an attitude of “I can do it”. We coach our children not to be victims.