Bring a rock.

Topic: Geology

About the rocks and water of our earth

The value we’ll be studying is self-reliance, which is confidence in our own judgment and abilities.

For science, we’ll learn about exploding gases, evaporation, and stalactites and stalagmites.

Outside, we’ll do a water brigade.

The songs we’ll be singing are This Land Is Your Land, Catch a Falling Star, Today, Down by the Bay, and Do Your Ears Hang Low?

For creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to be a river or a volcano.

Our art activities are make rock candy crystals, Epsom salt geodes, volcanoes, painting rocks, and food color migration.

For motor development we’ll work on flexibility with yoga poses. For vestibular function, we’ll do bean bag toss, wind-up tops, and twist and shout.