Bring a picture of

an animal from Africa.

Topic: Africa


We’ll explore the African continent.


The value we’ll be studying is wisdom, which is the ability to judge rightly and decide what is best for the common good.

For cooking, we’ll be making elephant ears and elephant heads.

Outside, we’ll learn about talking drums and play the ring game.

The songs we’ll be singing are Circle of Life, Kumbaya, Green Grass Grows All Around, He’s Got the Whole World, Zippity-do-dah, and It’s a Small World.

For creative dramatics, we’ll hear How Spider Got His Thin Middle.

Our art activities will be bedazling beads, tarboosh, masks, and scrolls.

For motor development, we’ll try to have as much stamina as African runners have. For postural response, we’ll  play with balloons in balloon partners, balloon balance, and cloudburst..