Bring a hard thing and a soft thing


Topic: Insects


Learn about 90% of the Earth’s creatures.


The value we’ll be studying is humility as we realize what a small percentage of creatures people are.

For cooking, we’ll be making sun-dried apples.

Outside, we’ll take great care not to kill the tiny creatures we find there.

The songs we’ll be singing are Itsy, Bitsy Spider; The Ants Go Marching; Shoo Fly; Let There Be Peace on Earth; and We Shall Overcome.

For creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to go on a bug hunt.

Our art activities will be ladybug life cycle books, pinch bug magnets, tissue paper butterfly, and circle caterpillars.

For motor development, we’ll be working on coordination with moving like a grasshopper, a daddy longlegs, a butterfly, and a bee..

For bilaterality, we’ll  play popcorn, camel hop, and ball roll with partners.