Bring a picture of an insect and know its name

Topic: Insects

It’s 90% of the Earth’s creatures

The value is humility, and we’ll be learning to respect the small creatures that share our world.

For cooking, we’ll try pretzel butterflies and sun-dried apples.

Outside, we’ll go on a bug hunt.

The songs we’ll be singing are Itsy, Bitsy Spider, The Ants Go Marching, Shoo Fly, Let There Be Peace on Earth, and We Shall Overcome.

For creative dramatics, we’ll practice moving like an insect.

Our art activities are pinch-bug magnets, construction paper butterfly, circle caterpillars, and ladybug life cycle.

For motor development, we’ll work on coordination with moving like a grasshopper, a cricket, a butterfly, a bee, a daddy longlegs, and a praying mantis. For bilaterality we’ll do a moon walk, play popcorn, roll a ball with partners, and hop like a camel.


Unscheduled, unstructured time – a rare commodity in today’s hectic society – is a gift to our children. This article is from Working Mother magazine. “Think back to your childhood. Chances are you can remember times when you had noting more important to do than sit on the lawn and watch a grasshopper much his way through a blade of grass or lying on your back watching clouds rolling past. Once upon a time, childhood seemed like an endless stretch of time, made just for daydreaming and exploring. That’s no longer true for most kids. As our lives have become busier, so have theirs. After a few decades of watching kids’ lives become increasingly structured and organized, child-development experts have come to believe that most could benefit from more time with nothing to do. What’s so good about downtime?

o  It give them time to get creative. A child staring into space is accomplishing a lot. The brain’s incredible process of organizing and analyzing information needs time. Kids use what looks like downtime to sort though what they’ve learned. This cannot happen in front of a TV.

o  It keeps them from burning out. Today’s kids are exhausted from being over structured. They need solitude and time to drift and find their own answers – not to be told what they should do next. Most kids don’t know when enough’s enough, so it’s up to parents to strike a balance. How can you tell? Kids get irritable and cranky. When everything is a struggle, you know it’s time for a change of pace.

o  It helps them find themselves. Let kids be free to explore without the pressure of measuring up to somebody’s else’s expectations. If you send your kids outside to take a walk, you’re encouraging them to see what they’re interested in seeing, not something that an adult has told them to look for.

o  It means we’re meeting their needs, not ours. There’s nothing wrong with helping a child develop a natural talent, but parenting has become a competitive sport. We need to clarify our own values, rather than allow ourselves and our families to be swept up in society’s high-pressure race to the finish line. It’s not easy. Saying “no” takes courage. We have to be able to say that living a balanced life is better than playing hockey and soccer.

o  It shows we value them the way they are. Overdoing the extracurricular stuff can give our kids the message “There’s something wrong with you. Otherwise you wouldn’t need so much enrichment.” Constantly pushing practice and telling them they can do better adds to the notion that we’re set on improving them. When we just enjoy each other’s company, it shows kids we appreciate them, not for their successes, but for themselves.” That’s a most wonderful gift.




    Luau – Our luau is Monday August 14, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm look for the sing up sheet in the foyer to list what your family will be bring all family and friends are welcome to attend. Parents are asked to bring a dish that works well outside arrive in your swim clothes and enjoy. The luau will be at Memorial forest Cub 12122 Memorial Dr. about four miles from the school.

     Extra Clothes – We are in need of extra cloths to use when our students have soiled their clothes and they have used up all the extra clothes in their cubby we use “school clothes” if your child has out grown their clothes consider on donating them to the school we are in need of boy and girl pants, underwear, socks and shoes. We don’t need any shirts or tops.