Bring a picture of a curious insect.

Topic: Insects

It’s 90% of the Earth’s creatures

The value is humility. We’ll talk about respecting the fellow creatures that live with us in our world.

For cooking we’ll make sun dried apples and sun baked cheese toast.

Outside we’ll watch tiny creatures who share our world.

The songs we’ll be singing are Itsy, Bitsy Spider, The Ants Go Marching, Shoo Fly, Let There Be Peace on Earth, and We Shall Overcome.

For creative dramatics we’ll go on a bug hunt.

Our art activities are ladybug life cycle, construction paper butterfly, tissue paper butterfly, napkin butterfly, and circle caterpillars.

For motor development, we’ll work on coordination imagining how a grasshopper, cricket, butterfly, bee, and daddy longlegs walk. Then we’ll try to walk like that, too. For bilaterality we’ll do a moon walk, play popcorn, do a camel walk, and roll a ball with our partner


When we ask people about memories of their childhoods, it’s not the stay in a fancy hotel or the fabulous dinner at an expensive restaurant they remember. Instead it’s how their dad whistled a corny tune while standing at his workbench or the smell of cookies baking. It’s the ordinary things that create the building blocks of our lives. For children, this effect is even more pronounced. Little ones treasure the ladybug on a leaf or bedtime stories while cuddled on daddy’s lap. Ordinary things are what create sentimental attachments to the things in the houses where we grew up. They’re the things we used everyday, not the fancy item on a shelf.

I would invite you to take pictures of ordinary times at your house. One of my treasured pictures I’ve seen was boy around the age of four with his little plastic mower trailing behind his father with the big power mower. Another is in that first three colicky months when baby finally slept in painful exhaustion on his father’s broad chest as they laid back in the recliner. These are the moments parents forget when they’re in the throes of turbulent teen years.

Along with forgetting the aching tenderness we once felt is forgetting the dream of a beautiful world, safe and warm, bright and eager. We drown in car repairs and new jobs, the big office party and best friends’ weddings. The real reasons for our lives get lost, and we sometimes forget what we really wanted to do.

The big events are certainly important, but it’s the ordinary stuff that our lives are made of. I encourage you to take some pictures. Have fun with composing them artfully. Pretend you’re a National Geographic photographer. Share them with grandparents. Print them out and tuck them away in places where you will stumble on them now and then. Maybe make a bookmark of one. Maybe you’ll dream again a vision of what you want to be important and lasting in your life.


Ms Edi – We are sad to announce that Ms. Edi will be leaving our family, make a point to say goodbye. Her last day is Aug. 15, On Monday August 20, the wonderful Ms Laura will be returning to MMGS to take over the toddler class. Ms. Laura left our school a couple of years ago to pursue other teaching opportunities. Ms. Laura has been teaching for several years and she is excited to rejoin our team.

Parent’s Meeting – Every third Thursday parents meet with Mr. Aaron for questions and answers. We’ll do it again on Thursday August 16.

Laugh a Little

Preschoolers love riddles. This collection came from a jar of cards available from Free Spirit Publishing. Make it a point to laugh with your little one.

  • What invention allows people to walk through walls? Answer:Doors.
  • What asks no questions but receives a lot of answers? Answer:A telephone.
  • Why should you never tell a secret in a vegetable garden? Answer:Because the corn have ears.
  • What is the difference between a lion with a toothache and a rainy day? Answer:One roars with pain and the other pours with rain.
  • What is ready to walk, has a long tongue, and can’t talk? Answer:A shoe.
  • What is everyone in the world doing at the same time? Answer:Getting older.
  • What do you lose every time you stand up?  Answer:Your lap.
  • A box filled with water weighs a ton. What can you put in the box to make it weigh less? Answer:Holes
  • What are raised in many countries where the rainfall is heavy? Answer:Umbrellas.
  • What goes down a hill but never moves? Answer:A road.
  • What kind of coat is made without buttons and put on wet? Answer:A coat of paint.
  • What bone keeps getting longer and shorter? Answer:A trombone.
  • When you fall into the water, what is the first thing you do? Answer:Get wet.
  • What comes all the way up to a house but never gets in? Answer:The steps.