Bring something to make a neat shape in the sand, e.g., cookie cutters, different shaped plastic containers, etc.


Topic: Fish/Shellfish


Understand the enormous diversity

of life in the seas.


The value we’ll be studying is honor as we respect the divesity of life in the sea and on land.

For cooking, we’ll be tasting a food similar to the poi that islanders eat.

Outside, we’ll explore interesting shapes in the sand from things we all brought.

The songs we’ll be singing are Three Little Fishes, Five Little Speckled Frogs, She Waded in the Water, Down by the Bay, and Six Little Ducklings.

For creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to be an octopus and a jellyfish.

Our art activities will be fish prints, tropical fish puzzles, shells glued, and an aquarium.

For motor development, we’ll be working on strength with crab walk and pushups. For motor planning, we’ll  play scrambled eggs, groups, and walking backwards.