Bring a movement of a fish or shellfish.

Topic: Fish/Shellfish

Enormous diversity in the seas of the earth.

The value we’ll be studying is honor, which begins with respecting ourselves and having the integrity of doing the right thing every time.

For cooking, we’ll make one-finger, two-finger, and three-finger poi.

Outside, we’ll make shapes in the sand.

The songs we’ll be singing are Three Little Fishes, She Waded in the Water, Down by the Bay, Five Little Speckled Frogs, and Six Little Ducklings.

For creative dramatics, we’ll play octopus and jellyfish games.

Our art activities are fish prints, tropical fish puzzles, glued shells, aquarium, and paper plate fish.

For motor development we’ll work on strength with crab walks, duck walks, side leg lifts, and pushups. For motor planning, we’ll play scrambled eggs, walking backwards, statues, and number groups.