Bring a picture of a weird sea creature.

Topic: Fish/Shellfish

Enormous diversity in the waters of the earth

The value is honor. When we understand the incredible diversity of life in the sea, we can begin to appreciate the diversity of people.

For cooking, we’ll learn what poi tastes like.

Outside we’ll explore shapes of molds in the sand box.

The songs we’ll be singing are Three Little Fishes, Down by the Bay, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Six Little Ducklings, and She Waded in the Water.

Our art activities are fish print, tropical fish puzzles, aquarium, and paper plate fish.

Creative dramatics will be moving like a sea horse or like an octopus.

For body development, we’ll work on strength with crab walk, duck walk, side leg lifts, and pushups. For motor development we’ll do motor planning exercises with scrambled eggs, groups, walking backwards, and statues.


So many of our hang-ups as adults come from the time when we were children. Remember when you were told “You have to . . .do your homework/take out the trash/be nice to your sister”? We get these tapes going in our heads that say “I can’t”, “It’s not fair”, or “I’ll never be able to”. Our children are in that very time and place where their tapes are being created. What if instead of negative tapes, we gave positive tapes. For example:

  • “I have to take out the trash” becomes “I get to contribute to my family.
  • “I have to get up in the morning” becomes “I have a whole new day to . . . “
  • “I have to pick up my kids” becomes “I get to spend time with my children. Maybe we’ll have time just to talk while we’re in the car.”
  • “I have to go to the gym” becomes “I get to take care of my body and also have fun.”

The language we use frames everything we do. It sets the tone of our life and determines our attitude. People who are incredibly successful talk about the passion they have for their lives. Oprah Winfrey says, “Follow your true passion.” Dusty Hill of ZZ Top says, “Concentrate on being great.” Robert Carl, 1996 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry says, “You have to love science passionately and have an itch to understand the natural world.” Isaac Mizrahi, fashion designer, says, “You must be unwavering in your determination, totally obsessed and 100 percent committed.” Tiger Woods echoes those words as he practices obsessively. Entertainers talk about doing it because you love it, because your heart is totally dedicated to the joy.

As we give our children wings with all these affirmations, also give them roots. In this season of beginning a new school year, give children a glory in their heritage. Assure them that their ancestors were magnificent people, and our children can climb on the shoulders of these giants. Positive talk makes a tremendous difference. Find the power stories that resonate with your child, whether it is of grandpa settling on the high plains, grandma who baked pies before she opened her restaurant, Rosa Parks who held fast to her dignity, or Neil Armstrong, who walked on the moon. Make your children’s baggage from childhood good things to take on their trip.


Fun Tip

In their popular book, Loose Partsauthors Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky discuss how important it is to understand the benefits of encouraging children to carry objects (loose parts) from one place to another. For example, children learn experientially about concepts of weight and space and make predictions (such as how many objects can fit in a bag).

“To support children’s interest in transporting,” the authors write, “environments should include a variety of sizes and types of bags, baskets, buckets, boxes, containers, bottles and cans. Fabric in various sizes can also be used to encompass bundles and create stretchers. Fabric and scarves can be stuffed into pillowcases for children to fill and empty. Taking baskets and buckets on walks provides a place for children to collect treasures.”

Intruder Drills – In addition to monthly fire drills we also have monthly intruder drills, in the event an active shooter is at the school we can prepare to respond to an active shooter situation. We’ll be practicing to run, hide or fight.


In the toddler class, Ian likes the tree puzzle, this work helps to develop fine more skills and helps to improve his attention span. Rhone and his class mate Asher discussed which work they wanted and they decided to work together on the peg board. On the playground it was fun to see Madeline and Alexis take turns as they pushed each other while riding the car.