Bring a picture of woodlands

                                                                                               or wetlands for our biome



Topic: Forests/Wetlands


How the Earth’s biomes work together.


The value we’ll be studying is frugality and how we can preserve the forests and wetlands.

For manners, we’ll be learning to disagree and to apologize.

Outside, we’ll learn to follow another person’s movements.

The songs we’ll be singing are Ants Go Marching, It’s a Small World, This Land is Your Land, Mr. Sun, and You Are My Sunshine.

For creative dramatics, we’ll play animal charades.

Our art activities will be biome wall hanging, biome bookmark, pasta creatures, and floating art. .

For motor development, we’ll be working on flexibility with shoulder loosening. For bilaterality, we’ll  play balloon bump, skier, and a rolling game.