Bring a drawing of the tree you adopted..

Topic: Plants


How Plants Work


The value we’ll be studying is responsibility, and how we have to take initiative to think and act without being told.

For safety, we’ll be learning about ‘stop/drop/roll’.

Outside, we’ll try to keep the balloon up.

The songs we’ll be singing are Edleweiss, The Green Grass Grows All Around, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, Consider Your-self, and Oh, What a Beautiful Morning.

For creative dramatics, we’ll learn how to deal with scary situations from a fire.

Our art activities will be fancy plants, nutty pets, adopt a tree, nature sculpture, and nature patterns.

For motor development, we’ll be working on coordination with bean bag partners and space circles. For postural response, we’ll  do rocking horse, ball pass, quick stand ups, and rolling the ball.