Bring a picture of a marsupial.

Topic: Australia


Learn about life in Australia

The value we’ll be studying is compassion, which is to feel sorrowful for the trouble of another creature.

For science, we’ll experiment with water displacement, sink and float, and air pressure.

Outside, we’ll build sand castles.

The songs we’ll be singing are Michael Finnegan, Teddy Bear, Kookaburra, Waltzin’ Matilda, and It’s a Small World.

For creative dramatics, we’ll act out Waltzin’ Matilda. (It’s kind of complicated.)

Our art activities are Sydney opera house, dotty Australia, boomerangs, and cockatoos.

For motor development we’ll work on coordination with walking in a straigtht line. For proprioception, we’ll carry a heavy load, test our strength, and rock around the clock.