Bring a thing you wonder about.

Topic: Science Professions


Those professions we consider

one of the STEM professions

(science, technology, engineering, math)


The value we’ll be studying is responsi-bility. The definition of  leadership is a willingness to take on responsibility.

For science, we’ll do a lot of science experi-ments.

Outside, we’ll play with a parachute.

The songs we’ll be singing are Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, Zippity-do-dah, High Hopes, John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, and Rock Around the Clock.

For creative dramatics, we’ll practice patterned singing and clapping.

Our art activities are ice pictures, rubbings, spaghetti sculpture, shiny pictures, connect the dots.

For motor development we’ll work on flexibility with yoga postures. For bilaterality, we’ll work with hula hoops.