Bring a thing that has a texture we can use for our rubbings. (Think brick, non-skid pad, container that has a raised label, coin, etc.)

Topic: Social Professions

The work adults do

Please consider doing a demonstration of your work for your child’s class.

Mostly the children are fascinated with what you do all day.

The value is justice, which means that we are fair for everybody.

For safety we’ll talk about being safe at home, with our bicycles, in cars, and around water. We’ll especially learn our parents names and our addresses.

Outside we’ll play lemonade and paint the town.   

The songs we’ll be singing are John Jacobjingleheimerschmidt, When You Wish Upon a Star, One Hammer, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and He’s Got the Whole World.

Our art activities are water pictures, electrician’s sculpture, paper plate clown and what surface is this?

Creative dramatics will be to pantomime one of the professions we’ve talked about.

For motor development we’ll build coordination by jumping and balancing. For body development, we’ll work on proprioception with backward get up, choo-choo train, back crawl, and palm push.

For Your Information

      Safety Issues – The children will be learning safety issues for cars, bicycles, water, and at home here at school. You’ll have to teach them to say their parents’ names (not mommy and daddy), their addresses, and a phone to call in emergencies. They need to be able to say it loudly and clearly enough that any rescuer can understand what they are saying. If you can make it a chant, it’s easier to learn.

classroom news

     In the primary class Jack is working with numbers using the spindle box and the numbers and counters work, both teach how to apply a quantity to numbers 1 – 9, the spindle box also teaches the place value of zero. Alexis likes making and coloring rainbows as she confirms her knowledge of various colors, she joyfully sings then names of each color in her rainbow. Lydia is also working on numbers using the hundred board, she is becoming familiar with numbers 1-100. The hundred board is an extensive work that often takes a few days to complete.