Bring a thing that belongs to

your father (or other male).


Topic: Male Role Models


Appreciate the male qualities of

strength and risk taking


The value we’ll be studying is courage to deal with things that are scary, difficult, or painful.

For ecology, we’ll study water.

Outside, we’ll play Red Rover.

The songs we’ll be singing are Happy Talk,  76 Trombones, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, High Hopes, Let There Be Peace on Earth.

For creative dramatics, we’ll play dress up relays.

Our art activities will be where I live, who’s in my family, family rock portraits, and picture-perfect fit.

For motor development we’ll work on strength with wheelbarrows, leg lifts, wheelbarrows, and rocking horse.  For postural response, we’ll work with crab walks, tightrope, and find the shape.