Bring a helpful thing.

(Consider a tool, a lovey, or a band-aid.)

Topic: Service Professions

 Those professions that are

basically tax-supported.


The value we’ll be studying is honor, which is to always do the right thing.

For safety, we’ll learn about safety in the water and in the sun.

Outside, we’ll play red light/green light.

The songs we’ll be singing are Getting to Know You, It’s a Small World, Happy Talk, Singing in the Rain, and Catch a Falling Star.

For creative dramatics, we’ll practice traffic know-how.

Our art activities are firefighter hat, park ranger collage, police vest, driver’s license, and scratch drawing.

For motor development we’ll work on stamina with jumping jacks, burpees, and quick knees. For vestibular function, we’ll play snake roll, blindfold bowling, and alternate twirling.