Bring a tool that one of the social professions might use

Topic: Social Professions

The work adults do

The value is justice, which means that we be fair to everyone.

For safety, we’ll learn ways to be safe at school, at home, and when we visit other places.

Outside, we’ll paint the town.

The songs we’ll be singing are John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, He’s Got the Whole World, When You Wish Upon a Star, One Hammer, and Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

For creative dramatics, we’ll pantomime one-step and then multiple-step activities.

Our art activities are water pictures, electrician’s sculpture, paper plate clown, and what surface is this?

For motor development, we’ll work on coordination by jumping laterally, up and down steps, and then standing on first one foot and then on the other. For proprioception, we’ll play choo-choo train, backward get-up, crawling on our backs, and palm push.