Bring a tool mom uses.

Topic: Female Role Models

The specialness of women


The value is justice, which is the quality of being fair and of being right.  

For manners we’ll pay attention to what’s happening, walk quietly and speak softly, follow the rules of the place where we are, and be kind.

Outside we’ll play follow in my tracks.

The songs we’ll be singing are Happy Talk, Consider Yourself, Getting to Know You, High Hopes, and Today.

Our art activities are macaroni necklace, salt dough handprint, abstract mask, and egg carton sculpture.           

Creative dramatics will be to imagine we’re Joan of Arc or Marie Montessori or Sacajawea.

For motor development we’ll build strength with popcorn, superman, plank, and bridges. For body development, we’ll work on proprioception with world on my shoulder, ball-of-war, bag of animals, and marching.


The average three-year old expresses qualities we have long since abandoned due to overwhelming ‘busy’-ness,” asserts Danielle Brooker in Five Easy Lessons a Toddler Can Teach You, (Forbes magazine, October 15, 2018). She outlines ways young children naturally practice wellness and asks, “Which lessons will you be adopting today?” Here are her five ways:

  • Presence – When toddlers are coloring, chasing butterflies, jumping on trampolines, or swinging on swings it’s like that is the only thing they want to be doing. The thought of being anywhere else is unfathomable. As we grow older, presence is something that slips away. Practices such as meditation and mindfulness are all tools that support being more in the present.
  • Be spontaneous – Toddlers don’t sit around waiting for the right decision to come to them. They make decisions fast. And, as it turns out, so do successful people.
  • Color outside the lines – Another way to put this one: embrace imperfection. Maybe think a new way.
  • Be curious – Ask stacks of questions. But whhhhyyyyy??? Remember being that interested in something? Wanting to know everything about it and then waking up the next day and wanting to learn all over again?
  • Forgive quickly – Finally, toddlers move on so quickly. Tantrum one minute, running around gleefully the next. No hard feelings. It seems it’s us adults that ‘hold on’ to those feelings and grudges. Forgiveness, letting go, and moving on quickly lead to less stress and anxiety and other long-term health benefits, too.

From Mike Brown in Idea Magnets: Seven Strategies for Cultivating and Attracting Creative Business Leaders. He believes idea magnets are everywhere—you just need to know where to look. They strangely sound like some of the things of which our toddlers are masters. Try some:

  • Absorb diverse, creativity-generating references and resources. 
  • Ask rich questions.
  • Listen before talking.
  • Generalize opportunities and challenges as a way to find comparable situations to expand possibilities.
  • Connect people, resources, and ideas.
  • Easily move between foreground and background in group settings.
  • Embrace building on their own and others’ ideas to grow their potential.
  • Enthusiastically cheer for others.
  • Display boldness for stretching what is possible as well as envisioning the impossible.
  • Make challenging decisions when an idea has outlived (or is about to outlive) its usefulness.

On the Calendar


Mother’s Day Tea – Our little ones are excitedly preparing a lovely event for the most wonderful woman in the world. They’ve created a present and they’re practicing how to be perfect hosts. Please put Friday, May 10, on your calendar at 3:00 for a time to focus just on that eager child for whom you are the whole world. Grandmothers are welcome, too. Make sure to get your picture taken to be posted up for students to reflect.

Memorial Day Holiday – The school will be closed on Monday, May 27, in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving in our nation’s armed services.



     In the toddler class, Max is learning how to use a button by working the dressing frames; this work helps to develop coordination of movement. Kinsley enjoys the sock matching; Matching teaches to identify same or similar objects based on their common properties.  Tristan used some of his class time working with the bead counting work, this work helps to improve attention span and learning to count from 1 – 10.

During “talk time” the students in the primary class told their classmates what they did over the weekend. Caleb played with toys and went on an airplane. Jonathan hit a home run and ran all the way around; without prompting from the teacher his classmates gave him a round of applause. Woojin went to the airport and saw his grandmother’s sister. Isabella went to the park and had fun in the big swimming pool. Sophia said she went to the pool and she likes her new house. Evan went to the Astros’ game and the Astros won and he was excited he also saw fireworks at the end of the game.



A Mother’s Love

You teach me right from wrong

With your help I’ll grow

 To be healthy and strong


You encourage me

To seek out and explore new things.

 And when I stumble and get hurt

You help to take away the sting.


There is no love like a mother’s love

No other love could compare

Because a mother’s love is so strong and pure

And always there.


It is through your love that I will receive

Knowledge, wisdom, courage and faith.

And when I grow and stray away

Your love will be in my heart

  And there it will stay.

There is no love like a mother’s love

No other love could compare

Because a mother’s love is so strong and pure

And always, always there.