Bring something rough

 and something smooth.


Topic: Female Role Models


Appreciate the specialness of women


The value we’ll be studying is justice, which is the virtue of being fair. We will practice being right about our decisions and honest in our opinions.

For manners, we’ll practice ways to say “thank you” and of giving compliments.

Outside, we’ll watch changing shadows.

The songs we’ll be singing are Happy Talk, Consider Yourself, Getting to Know You, High Hopes, and Today.

For creative dramatics, we’ll think about being Amelia Earhardt, Harriet Tubman, and Maria Montessori.

Our art activities will be tree of life, families at work and play, and baby in a cradle.

For motor development we’ll work on strength doing pushups, sit ups, and chinups.  For proprioceptive function, we’ll march, play bag of animals, and push balls.