Bring a thing you found on your nature walk.

Topic: Earth Day


Nature is a living, breathing part of us


The value we’ll be studying is frugality, which is using our resources wisely.

For ecology, we’ll make paper and study watershed runoff.

Outside, we’ll learn how to take a meaningful discovery walk.

The songs we’ll be singing are Mr. Sun, Edelweiss, This Land is Your Land, Catch a Falling Star, and When You Wish Upon a Star.

For creative dramatics, we’ll hear the story of How the Wicked Dragon Grows.

Our art activities will be the dragon grows, compost mural, tree of endangered life, rainforest frogs, and nurture nature badges.

For motor development we’ll work on coordination with multi-directional running, jumping, and skipping. We’ll also do arm and leg circles. For bilaterality, we’ll drive a spaceship, dribble balls, toss beanbags, and go bowling.