Bring a picture of a well know female

(Think first female to discover, do or achieve something)

Topic: Female Role Models


The specialness of women

The value is justice, which is being fair and being right.

For manners, we’ll consider how good manners make our world a nicer place.

Outside, we’ll understand slide physics and play follow my tracks in the sand.

The songs we’ll be singing are Happy Talk, Consider Yourself, Getting to Know You, High Hopes, and Today.  

For creative dramatics, we’ll imagine what it was like to be one of the women we’re studying.

Our art activities are macaroni necklace, baby in a cradle, salt dough handprint, abstract mask, and egg carton sculpture.   For motor development, we’ll work on strength by playing popcorn, superman, and snake sit-ups. For proprioception, we’ll carry the “world on our shoulders”, play ball of war, bag of animals, and march in different patterns



There is a small but growing voice against conventional wisdom that you can fix it with a pill and that new is better. On the other side there are news articles from medical journals with continuing research against conventional wisdom. 

From the New England Journal of Medicine is more research indicating that early exposure to other children and their germs appears to protect children from developing asthma when they get older.  This particular study found that children who attend group care in their first six months or who had two or more older siblings were about half as likely to have asthma at age 13 as those children who had one or no siblings and were not in group care.  This echoes the hot new “hygiene theory” that says children who do not get outside and get dirty are not being exposed to enough germs to stimulate proper development of their immune systems.  The study seems to support the growing belief that the more sterile the early environment, the more problems later in life.  Looking closely at the data, very young children in group environments do have higher incidences of wheezing, but in toddlers this may be more a function of smaller airways or a real respiratory infection rather than asthma.  However, if the immune system is not stimulated early in life, it seems it over-reacts later to allergy-inducing substances.  This is really hard to appreciate at 2:30 a.m. when your baby can’t sleep because of a fever and you need to go to work in the morning.  A separate study indicates a link between diet and asthma.  It showed children with the lowest intake of vegetables, milk, vitamin E, and minerals were more likely to suffer from asthma.  The drastic increase of asthma sufferers in Scotland was related to a decline of fresh fruits and vegetables in diets over the last 30 years.

Another article has the same old mantra of more exercise and healthier eating.  A 30 % increase of diabetes in adults 30-39 has occurred in just eight years.  This is an epidemic we can blame on hundreds of TV channels, stressful jobs that lead us to gulp down fatty fast food, and computers at home and at work.  Among 40-49 year olds, the rise is 40 % and among 50-59 year olds, almost 10% have diabetes.  Diabetes, like high blood pressure, is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, limb amputations, and it raises the risk of heart attacks. 

It’s a discipline in our families to turn off the TV/computer/phone and interact with each other.  We have to eat wholesome food and be active.  (Getting plenty of sleep is in there, too.)  If we won’t do it for ourselves, will we do it for our children?


                               On the Calendar

   Memorial Day Holiday – The school will be closed Monday, May 31, in honor of patriots who have died defending our principles of freedom and democracy.

   Shaking Hands – A parent asked, “Should my child shake with his right hand when he’s left handed? Which prompted the question why do we shake hands using our right hand? Men used their right hand to shake hands to reveal to each other that they held no weapon, most men were right handed. In another period before toilet paper the left hand was used and thus the left hand was considered dirty.

       Extending Hours – Beginning in May we will be operating from 8 – 5 PM. If you choose to pick up your child after 3 pm you will be paying the full day rate so please add 100.00 to the rate you are currently paying. Please let the teacher know during drop off what time you’ll be picking up your child.

      Plastic Bags – If you have a generous supply of plastic grocery bags please consider on donating some to the school our supply is nearly empty. We use plastic bags for trash, dirty diapers, and soiled clothes.


Classroom news

     One of our newest students Stefan who is returning back to school and now in the toddler class, although he speaks very little English that has not stopped him from making new friends. Stefan enjoys running and playing with the older students and he is also beginning to understand the order of the day and some of the school rules. Johanna, another new student is also making new friends she likes to explore and on the playground she along with other classmates show a lot of interest in the insects that are found while playing outside. Johanna may not speak much English but while working with picture cards she repeated the words the teacher gave her with perfection