Bring a thing that blows in the wind.


Topic: Kites


Understand and enjoy the wind


The value we’ll be studying is peace. To be peaceful is to be calm, and we’ll practice belly breathing to calm ourselves.

For science, we’ll learn what makes the wind blow.

Outside, we’ll do a windy day hike and focus on the effects of wind.

The songs we’ll be singing are Let’s Go Fly a Kite, You Are My Sunshine, Tomorrow, Mr. Sun, and Oh, What a Beautiful Morning.

For creative dramatics, we’ll move like kites.

Our art activities will be pinwheels, 3-D kites, wind friends, and making a kite.

For motor development we’ll work on coordination with pivoting, hopping, and leaping. For postural response, we’ll play bridges, crab walks, hopping, and walk a tightrope. 





We are quick to understand that the Montessori mixed-age group is advantageous for a younger child.  But what about the child who no longer has older children to observe?   Our older children in the classroom often help the younger children with their work, actually teaching lessons or correcting.  Anyone who has ever had to teach a skill to someone else may recall that the very process of explaining a new concept leads the teacher to learn as much, if not more, than the pupil.  This is a powerful lesson in leadership and self-confidence for these children who next year will be in a class of strangers with a totally different routine.  They go into that situation with the idea that, of course, they know how to help others; of course, they know how to have initiative and take responsibility.  Teachers quickly pick up on this attitude, and give more responsibility and special projects to such children.

By the end of the kindergarten year, Montessori students often will have developed academic skills that are far beyond the skills in the more conventional school. However, our real goal is that the children will have an incredible sense of self-confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and feelings of being very secure with their teachers and classmates. Their Morning Glory teachers focus intently in this last year on the creativity portion of the child’s progress sheet, which develops such factors as ability to think abstractly/reflectively/flexibily, to anticipate consequences, persistence, non-conformity to stereotypes, and willingness to take risks.  If your child is a kindergartner, ask about this portion of the progress sheet for your child in your conference this spring. 

Another issue is the age of your child in ten years, and his relationship to grade-level peers in athletics and social context.  If your child was born in the late spring or summer before the September-1 birthday cutoff, you might want to consider holding your child back for a year because research indicates that higher achievers in all areas tend to be those born September through March, that is, children who are older in the age group. Academics are not an issue because of the unlimited nature of the Montessori curriculum.  Certainly personality is a consideration in this decision, as is the sex of the child.  Girls tend to be better in academic skills through middle school than boys are.

All these factors go into your decision about whether to continue with Montessori through the kindergarten year. We love to partner with you in the decision, either in the kindergarten seminar or privately.  Let us know if you have concerns. 


Coming Up

Kindergarten Seminar – As we move into spring, those of you who have children who will be 5 by Sept. 1 will be facing the decision of whether to keep your child in Montessori for that critical third year.  It’s a big financial commitment, and one for which we want to get you as much information as possible to make the best decision for your family. On Thursday April 11, at 5:00 we’ll meet to talk about the benefits of our program at Montessori Morning Glory School.  We’ll also be discussing what you can expect as your child transitions into public first grade.  Let us know if you’re interested, anyone can attend.

Let’s Wear Green – We are not going waste a fun day; allow your child to wear green on Monday March 18.

Good Friday Holiday – Please notice that the school is closed on Good Friday, which is April 19.



Classroom News

Our friends from Smile for Kids made their annual visit to the primary class to share with the students the importance of oral health. After the presentation was over the students were asked, ‘what do you remember?” Zane said, “we may need to ask for help when flossing our teeth. Evan, Jad, Jonathan and Kaylee now know there are some good foods like apples and some bad foods like chocolate milk and skittles. We were able to take a few pictures find them on our Facebook page. Also on our Facebook page you can see our adopted school mascots, two baby squirrels who we believe lost their mother in the last freeze. Once we noticed that they were feeding themselves with the abundance of acorns we choose not to take them to the wildlife reserve.