Topic: Europe
Let’s explore the European continent.

The value we’ll be studying is collaboration, which emphasizes the interdependence of all creatures, in this case, the elves and the shoemaker in our story.
For safety we’ll learn about calling 911.
Outside, we’ll play musical hugs.
The songs we’ll be singing are Pop Goes the Weasel, Are You Slepping, Brother John?, London Bridge, Green Grass Grows All Around, It’s a Small World.
For creative dramatics, we’ll act out The Elves and the Shoemaker.
Our art activities will be leprechaun lad-ders, pasta sculpture, Michelangelo creations, and a pot of gold.
For motor development, we’ll be working on strength exercises in European languages. In body movement, we’ll be working on bilaterality with jack in the box and hopscotch.