Bring your favorite item of clothing

Topic: Clothing

Clothes cover, protect, and adorn us

The value is compassion, which is to understand how others are feeling.

For manners we’ll learn to be considerate and honest, candid yet kind and tactful. The most important is to be cheerful.

Outside, we’ll learn to play Simon Says.

The songs we’ll be singing are Ten in a Bed, We Shall Overcome, Let There Be Peace on Earth, Circle of Life, High Hopes, and Say, Say, Oh, Playmate.

For creative dramatics, we’ll practice helping someone put on a coat, be nice to someone who is being mean to us, be friendly to someone who needs a friend, and protest when someone takes our things or is mean to someone else.

Our art activities are paper hats, sew a shirt, laundry, and cardboard looms.

For motor development, we’ll work on flexibility with yoga poses. For proprioception, we’ll push apart, play tug-of-war, play statue walk, and do a box relay.