Bring a beautiful thing made by a person.

Topic: Art

Every beautiful thing made by a person is art.

The value is joy. We’ll focus on savoring by paying attention and enjoying experiences.

For safety we’ll talk about how being with other people helps keep us safe.

Outside we’ll do some “running down” art, paint the town, and play Puncinello.

The songs we’ll be singing are Today, A Little Red Box, Yellow Rose of Texas, Five Little Speckled Frogs, Tomorrow, and Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy?

For creative dramatics we’ll do dance of the painter, what do feelings look like, and paint to music.

Our art activities are pictures from lines, fun prints, pointillism picture, starry night wands, rayon resist, Picasso’s cubism, and Matisse’s collages.

For body development, we’ll work on flexibility with yoga postures. We also practice relaxation and breathing. For motor development we’ll work on motor planning with find the objects relay, hula hoop pass, kid connections, and glued down.



We’ve just come through the holidays and Chinese New Year, and Valentines Day. The turning of every new year is a time for thoughtfulness about the old year’s regrets and hope for a better new year. World wide we celebrate. Our little children know how to do it best. They know how to make every moment full of wonder and joy and pleasure. They’re impatient with dull and boring and “it’ll get better”. We can take lessons in their intuitive ability to seize the day.

All our lives should be a deep and enchanting pleasure. Life does not have to be serious in order to be relevant. Even tasks that we don’t particularly relish can become fun if we have the attitude of enjoying life for the moment, taking pleasure from each experience that comes our way. Our road to personal mastery must be strewn with larger and larger percentage of activities that we truly enjoy. We don’t have to develop a phony sense of excitement about washing the dishes, but dishes mean food, and food means no hunger. Therefore, our attitude can be one of gratitude for dirty dishes.

Total present-moment living means pushing out all distractions or negative thoughts and becoming totally engaged in what is happening right now. We all can learn how to find joy in what is happening in this moment. We can set goals, but we don’t have to make the achievement of the goal more significant than each moment spent working toward the goal. Once children learn that each moment of life offers them an exciting miracle, they will stop looking for miracles and begin to live one. Work at having more spontaneity in your life. The reason the funhouse is fun is because it’s unexpected. A fun-life can be fun for the same reason.

One of the worst thing we do with our children is to rush them. In the early part of 1900, children did not enter puberty until around 15. Today girls are entering menarche at 9 and 10. This is a huge physical acceleration that preempts time to mature emotionally, socially, and spiritually. As parents and teachers of children in this new millennium, our task will be to protect our children from growing up any faster than they have to, from fads and commercial marketing campaigns, from rushing through dinner, vacations, and family outings. We have to make a real effort to stay connected, to explain what’s going on to our children, and to listen with patient ears when our children are ready to talk. Notice the daily reasons to celebrate. Your child’s happy face, sparkling eyes, and eagerness to greet each new day are reason enough.


On the Calendar

     Parent Meeting – We touched upon many topics. We will be installing a key pad lock at the front door as soon as possible we’ve connected with a lock and safe company to install the lock but a date has not been confirmed. In addition to fire drills we also do intruder drills. Intruder drills are done every month and each month we use a different scenario. We will be talking with our students about what is an intruder – someone who wants to hurt us; we will not use words like shooting, killing, or death. The parents group can be found at Facebook at MMGSParents. This Facebook page is not managed by the school it was established by caring parents looking to connect. The weekly newsletter is your source of getting information about what’s going on in the school. To get our weekly newsletter via email send a request to . If after submitting a request you don’t get the next newsletter please let us know. During bad weather days we follow Spring Branch ISD, if they announce they are closed we will also be closed. The school; when possible sends out an email and only for bad weather will we make announcements on our Facebook page. The major purpose of having the tuition increase was directly related to salary increases for the teachers. On every third Thursday at 5pm we’ll have a parent group meeting the next one is March15. You can see past newsletters on our website at   above “recent posts” you may need to do a date search, most newsletters are dated on Fridays of every week.

     Good Friday Holiday – Please make a note on your calendar that the school will be closed on Friday, March 30, in respect for the Easter holiday.