Bring a thing used to

build a

Topic: Housing


Almost all creatures seek shelter.


The value we’ll be studying is collaboration, which is to work together for the common good.

For safety, we’ll learn to just say NO!

Outside, we’ll build a house.

The songs we’ll be singing are Day-O, Do-Re-Mi, Home on the Range, Red River Valley.

For creative dramatics, we’ll be doing lots of webbing, or connecting, exercises. For example, how many things can a thing be (a man can be a daddy, a brother, a husband, a son, etc.) or what can you use a thing for (a nail can be used to connect two boards, punch a hole, attach to a magnet, etc.).

Our art activities will be mazes, animal houses, and row houses.

For motor development, we’ll work on stamina with running and jumping jacks.  For bilaterality, we’ll play balloon volleyball, bunny hop, and pass the balloon.