Bring a picture of a president

Topic: Presidents


Learn about people who have served

in the highest office of our country.


The value we’ll be studying is responsibility, which includes leadership, the willingness to take on responsibility.

For manners, we’ll learn about table manners and how to make introductions.

Outside, we’ll play mirrors and shadows.

The songs we’ll be singing are Getting to Know You, Happy Talk, America, God Bless America, America the Beautiful, and Lean on Me.

For creative dramatics, we’ll learn the legend of the cherry tree.

Our art activities will be dictated drawing, kiss on a heart, rainbow heart hanger, valentine holder, and jump-up hearts.

For motor development we’ll work on coordination with upside over and chorus line. For vestibular function, we’ll play musical chairs, blindman’s bluff, twirling, and elephant walks.