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Bring a thing made in the Orient.

Topic: Asia

Learn about eastern Asia

The value is wisdom, which is the ability to judge rightly and to take the best course of action.

For cooking, we’ll make stir fry and noodles.

Outside we’ll learn to play jan, ken, po, that is, scissors, rock, paper. We’ll also have a dragon dance.

The songs we’ll be singing are Happy Talk, Let’s Go Fly a Kite, Let There Be Peace on Earth, Getting to Know You, and Puff, the Magic Dragon.

For creative dramatics we’ll learn the folktales Little Fox and the Tiger and The Orange in the Hole.

Our art activities are paper folding, tissue cherry blossoms, fish banners, and lucky money.

For motor development, we’ll work on coordination with all kinds of jumping.

For postural response we’ll do limbo rock, spider walk, roll the ball, and island hopping


Kids learn positive lessons by watching their mother operating in the outside world, taking action, exerting influence, making decisions, and using their talents flexibly and creatively, says Ellen Galinsky, president of the Families and Work Institute in New York City. Working moms introduce their children to new ideas and new people, model a positive approach to daily challenges, and offer an inspiring picture of the world and their children’s place in it. Some other findings from Galinsky’s research for over 20 years reveals:

Children of working moms have a heightened sense of organization and responsibility. The reality of working moms is that everyone in the family has to help. For children today, the sense of being needed and of making a contribution to the family system is a very positive influence on self-esteem. Working moms become models for routine and a good work ethic. The children see mom living up to her obligations, so they know they can’t get away with not doing their chores. Working moms demonstrate how to set priorities and plan ahead. Children learn how to put things they need on the grocery list, how to get their social events on mom’s calendar, and how to balance family life with work responsibilities.

Children tend to view working moms as competent and effective both at home and at work. Children can see our world today as a pretty scary place. Having a masterful mother to guide them is very reassuring. Because working moms are skilled at making sales calls and navigating office politics, they can be more effective advocates for their children. When mothers work, children get an expanded view of women’s capabilities – and of men’s, too. Husbands of working mothers generally are more involved in managing the home. This exposes kids to the idea of men as nurturers.

When moms and dads talk freely about how they contend with the ups and downs of their work life, which they tend to do more than parents with only one working parent, kids learn that problems have solutions and they learn coping strategies. Children whose moms feel comfortable negotiating the complex demands of a workplace learn to view life outside the home with curiosity and optimism. They are exposed to a rich mix of experiences, and their enlarged life view motivates them to try their best to fulfill their potential. Children of career women face the future with hope. They take it for granted that they’ll be able to work and support themselves, like their mom did. So be encouraged. You’re doing really good. Dads too.


Anniversary – Please join us in congratulating Ms Farhana on her 15 year anniversary. Countless children have benefited from the caring nature of Ms Farhana, and not only is she caring she is also an excellent teacher who is loved by all her students which is proven by the yearly occasional visits from her past students some who are now seniors in high school, we are pleased and horned to have Ms Farhana on the MMGS team.

Bad Weather Days – In the event of inclement weather our school follows Spring Branch Independent School District. If SBISD announces they are closed we will also be closed. We will also post on our Facebook page and on our web site when we have to close due to weather.

Valentine’s Day – This will be a quiet little ceremony on Tuesday, Feb. 14, designed to say how much we care for the people in our class. Your child will need a valentine for every classmate. If he is able to sign his name, you might want to start now signing a few every day so it’s an easy job.

 Child’s File – When you take your child to doctor for their immunizations or vision and hearing please provide the school with an up dated copy of your child’s shot record and the results from vision and hearing.

Heads Up – Sometimes when you’re places where you see “neat stuff”, please remember our classes. Interesting natural things like sea shells, child-sized kitchen utensils from a foreign country, or beautiful pitchers from an estate sale help keep us connected to the world.

Labeling – Please take a few moments to label your child’s clothing, extra clothes and coats, jackets and sweaters with your child’s first name and at least the first letter in their last name it really helps us.