Bring a picture of a large and small domestic animal.

Topic:  Domestic Animals

The animals that help us

The value is responsibility, which means to take care of something of value.

For cooking, we’ll have fun with popcorn.

Outside we’ll play Doggie, Doggie, Where’s Your Bone.

The songs we’ll be singing are Over in the Meadow, Little White Duck, Old MacDonald, Three Blind Mice, Farmer in the Dell, and She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain.

For creative dramatics we’ll learn names of animal families (e.g., bull/cow/calf) and play with mazes.

Our art activities are mazes, pig, what’s in a circle, chick in a shell, and corn on the cob.

For motor development, we’ll work on stamina with running. For vestibular function, we’ll do snake rolls, play compass, explore pathways, and pretend to leap a brook.  


There is a huge controversy out there about our current educational system.  Educators from both sides are pushing the envelope toward all the new possibilities offered by technology and fighting innovations every step of the way.  As the parent of a preschooler, you will soon be in the midst of this controversy.  What’s your value system for how best to guide your child?

It seems that the most important skill for our new world is going to be creativity.  And it’s probably the skill most in danger.  We reward our children for sitting still and being quiet.  We put them in front of a TV or computer and think they’re being “good”.  Actually, creative people tend not to get the label of “good” very often.  They tend to be extremely non-conformist to society’s stereotypes.  They are also willing to take risks that the rest of us don’t find comfortable.  Creative people are very intense and they persevere well past the point of frustration.  They’re independent, thinking always outside the box.  If you’re parenting a child who’s naturally creative, it can be hard to treasure these traits.  If you believe that creativity is a skill that will be invaluable for the new millennium and your child seems to be somewhat more compliant than you think is good, what can you do to direct both your parenting style and your child’s thinking style toward this beneficial skill?

o      Acknowledge your child’s interests and abilities, even when they are extremely different from your own. 

o      Encourage your child to pursue and develop her ideas and abilities.  Remember that you do not have to sing to admire a beautiful song.

o      Provide your child with experiences he needs to develop his abilities.

o      Participate with your child.

o      Listen to and talk with your child.  Let her share her views and ideas, and tell her why you decide to do it another way.

o      Answer many questions, and teach your child to find answers himself.

o      Accept your child for what she is, not what you think she should be.

o      Allow your child as much private time as he seems to need.  Provide a place to be private.

o      Teach your child to use her gifts for the benefit of society as well as for her own benefit.

o      Role model the attitude and behavior you wish for your child.

That part about taking risks and not always being conventional is as tough on parents as it is on kids.  Your reward will be a richer life for your whole family.


On the Calendar

        Thanksgiving Holiday – The school will be closed Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Nov. 27-29.

       Christmas Project – We like to begin our Christmas season with a special project to focus giving outside ourselves.  If you have a favorite charitable activity that you think would be good for our kids, please let us know. 

        Harvest Festival – Friday November 22 is when we will have our harvest festival. This is a time when each family is asked to bring a food that you serve at your home. The Festival will start at 11:30 a.m. and should last about an hour. Please plan on having your lunch with your child at school. We’ll have a sign up sheet next week to list what you will be bringing.

     Personal Photo Calendar – Lifetouch is offering a FREE 2020 calendar with your child’s picture on it, look for the order form in the foyer with your child’s picture you will need it to place your order using the unique code found on the form.

    Christmas & New Years Day Holiday – As a reminder the school will be closed the week of Christmas, December 23-27. We will be open New Years Eve.

    Halloween Carnival – The cold weather caused us to have the carnival inside it did not prevent the children from having a good time.  We’d like to thank the parents who volunteered and made are event successful. You can find pictures on our Facebook page.