Bring something red, something white, and something blue

Topic: Citizenship

On becoming a good citizen

The value is collaboration, which means to work together for the common good.

For science, we’ll explore tastes and smells. Do you know the taste “umami”?

Outside, we’ll play follow the leader, try water painting, and explore sifting.

The songs we’ll be singing are America the Beautiful, This Land Is My Land, God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner, and Battle Hymn of the Republic.

For creative dramatics, we’ll have an election.

Our art activities are puzzles, paper sculpture, craft stick flag, and Uncle Sam hat.

For motor development, we’ll work on strength with sit ups, chin ups, push ups, and deep knee bends. For vestibular function we’ll do ice skating, spin and throw, dizzy izzy, and human bowling.