Bring something brown.

Topic: Prehistoric

About an Earth we never knew

The value is humility, which means that we don’t boast or brag about ourselves. In the Earth’s history, we’re only a very small part of time.

For science we’ll learn about how fossils and sediment happen and about the curious timeline of humans in our Earth.

Outside we’ll find a match of natural things.

The songs we’ll be singing are Them Bones, Ain’t It Great to Be Crazy, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing, and Catch a Falling Star.

For creative dramatics we’ll play musical dinosaurs.

Our art activities are dinosaur eggs, dragonfly wings, and dinosaur rubbings.

For motor development, we’ll work on flexibility. For bilaterality we’ll play a crawling relay and a homerun derby, we’ll play to the music and pass and bounce a ball around the circle.


We see it a lot, the mother who gathers the child’s belongings at the end of the day, the father who tells his child to tattle, the parent who refuses to allow the child who is toilet trained at the school to be diaper-free at home. Of all the judgments and beliefs that each of us own, none is more important than the ones we have about ourselves. As a parent, our primary concern ought to focus on what our children think of themselves rather than attempting to shape their attitudes toward people, things, and events.

Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book What Do You Really Want for Your Children? says, “As you think of the self-esteem of your children, keep in mind that the barriers we erect to our own growth and happiness almost always are internal barriers. The job of motivating your children to have greater aspirations in life is essentially the task of working on their self-pictures in all areas of their young lives. The only authentic barrier to a child’s greatness is his fear of his own greatness. Once a strong self-portrait is in place, the opinions of others will never be able to immobilize your child. The young person who feels confident as he approaches a task will not be undone by failure, but instead will learn from it. The child who respects himself will respect others, since you give to others what you have inside you to give away – and conversely, you cannot give away what you do not have.

Children who believe that the world is a good and miraculous place and that they are special and loved have a tremendous advantage over children who are doubting and negative. The Japanese culture indulges its children because they are expected to succeed in school and work and then support and indulge their aging parents. They work at developing a child’s self-perceptions in such a way that a child comes to expect to be happy and successful. The child who sees himself as a successful, attractive person, and who has this image reinforced throughout his young life, will not disappoint himself.”

When we don’t positively allow our children to be as competent as they can be, we are telling them that they are incompetent, not able, not a valid member of our society. Listen to yourself the next time you tell your child she’s too little, he might hurt himself, or she will make a mess. When we set up situations where our children can accomplish, can do for themselves, and are affirmed by those people they love the most, then we grow people who truly have no limits to what they can do.


For Your Information

Classroom Seminars – Due to the major traffic issues around our area we have rescheduled our classroom seminars. The infant class seminar will be Tuesday September 26, toddler class, September 27, and the primary class seminar will be Thursday September 28.

Fossils – We’ll be making plaster casts of various items to demonstrate to the children how fossils came to be. If you have any real fossils, please allow your child to share.

Classroom News

     Toddlers Sam, Jack and Charles E. look forward to assisting the infant as they make their way to the playground. Every day they stand guard and make sure the infants safely make it to the playground. During the recent storm Annabelle learned how to write her name she was excited to show her teacher her new found skill so she wrote her name all in higher case letters. Her teacher will show her another way to write her long name using upper and lower case letters. In the infant class, Max enjoys the matching work where he matches a colored object to its prospective dowel each time he matches it correctly he shows his delight as he claps his hands and smiles.