Bring a few belongings wrapped in a handkerchief or bandana like the swagman in the song

“Waltzing Matilda”.

Topic: Australia

Learn about the continent “down under”

The value is compassion., which is feeling sorrow for the trouble of another creature.

For science, we’ll experiment with air and water pressure.

Outside, we’ll play with ball “madness” and build sand castles.

The songs we’ll be singing are Michael Finnegan, Teddy Bear, Kookaburra, Waltzin’ Matilda, and It’s a Small World. We’ll also practice patterned clapping.

For creative dramatics, we’ll learn about the song Waltzin’ Matilda.

Our art activities are Sydney Opera House, wooly lambs, boats, dotty Australia, boomerangs, and cockatoos.

For motor development, we’ll work on coordination by practicing walking in a straight line. For proprioception we’ll get in the shape of hands of a clock, carry loads, and test our strength.