Bring a thing that smells good, feels good, or sounds good.

Topic: Our Amazing Bodies


Our bodies are the most

amazing machines we know.

The value we’ll be studying is honor, which is to always do the right thing.

For science, we’ll learn about our senses and how the foods we eat help us stay healthy.

Outside, we’ll play human knot and touch blue.

The songs we’ll be singing are Them Bones, Brush Your Teeth, Lean on Me, de Colores, and Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes.

For creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to be an organ of the body.

Our art activities are X-ray craft, finger-print art, face mosaic, and body painting.

For motor development we’ll work on strength with gorilla walks, measuring worm, and frog jump. For motor planning, we’ll practice finding body parts in a game.