Bring a picture of something that helps our bodies

Topic: Our Amazing Bodies

Our bodies are the most amazing machines we know.

The value we’ll be studying is honor, which is to always do the right thing.

For science, we’ll learn about our senses and how the foods we eat help us stay healthy.

Outside, we’ll play human knot and touch blue.

The songs we’ll be singing are Them Bones, Brush Your Teeth, Lean on Me, de Colores, and Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes.

For creative dramatics, we’ll pretend to be an organ of the body.

Our art activities are X-ray craft, finger-print art, face mosaic, and body painting.

For motor development we’ll work on strength with gorilla walks, measuring worm, and frog jump. For motor planning, we’ll practice finding body parts in a game.


Beginning this week and for about the next month, the enrichment curriculum will be focusing on the persons that our children are and will become. We’ll have topics on male and female role models, on our amazing bodies, on feelings and emotions, and on various professions. Human sexuality, an area that many of us feel uncomfortable about discussing, will be discussed candidly in the school off and on during these weeks. We use material from the Mental Health Association’s WHO (We Help Ourselves) program. One of the things that you as a parent need to be aware of is that, like drugs, sexuality is penetrating deep into the elementary and preschool years. We can’t pretend that these two highly visible influences in our society are not affecting our little ones. What we have to do is begin early with first defining our family’s standards and then reinforcing them openly and consistently. Perhaps these pointers will help:

o    Talk with your spouse about your attitudes toward romance, extra-marital sex, and pornography. Have frank discussions with your children about these same topics.

o    Be openly affectionate with your spouse and your children. Model you beliefs about romance and intimacy. It is a great privilege to be an intimate part of a growing, loving family.

o    Think through what is age appropriate for your child. A clinical dissertation on where babies come from or why mommy doesn’t have a penis is not age appropriate for a 3-year-old. Correct terminology is always appropriate. Listen to your child’s questions and respond with the sense of wonder this topic deserves.

o    Don’t “drop the subject” for the next five years and think everything is okay. We’re hearing from young people that their parents don’t get involved enough early enough. A great idea is to take your child places so that the two of you can be together away from ordinary distractions.

o    Be proactive about “big” topics when the situation presents itself. Discuss often about your family’s standards about the opposite sex, about modesty, about chastity, and about what love is.


Graduation – The time has come to recognize the achievements of the kindergarten students. For the children who will be leaving our school and going into the first grade we will have a graduation ceremony on Thursday May 25 at 3:00 P.M.

Extra Clothes – All our younger children should have at least two changes of clothes in the school, and older children should have one change. All extra clothes should be checked for correct size after maybe several months of growth spurts. It’s also a different temperature now from last January. If you still have a coat in the school that you want, please pick it up before Memorial Day. After that, we’ll recycle the coats with a charity.

Coats – We feel that it is safe to say that we will unlikely have any coat wearing weather for the next several months so please make a point to take home all coats and jackets. Any items left after May 31 will be considered donations to the school and for that we thank you.

classroom news

It was a nice cool sunny day and a good time to have lunch outside. The students in the primary class were delighted to be doing something fun and different Piper  proclaimed with excitement “this is the best day of my life.” In the infant class Asher  has been learning to walk with mom on her daily visits to the park and at school time is given to focus on walking. We were amazed when on one morning Asher walks in the classroom saw his teacher blowing bubbles and without missing a beat Asher said “bubble”, he must noticed the various colors in the bubbles and shouts out “blue”