Bring a special thing you got from your mother.

Topic: Female Role Models

Appreciate the specialness of women

The value we’ll be studying is justice, which is the qulity of being fair.

For manners, we’ll learn to pay attention, to follow the rules of the place we’re in, to be trustworthy, and to be cheerful.

Outside, we’ll play slide physics and follow my tracks.

The songs we’ll be singing are Happy Talk, Consider Yourself, Getting to Know You, High Hopes, and Today.

For creative dramatics, we’ll imagine what it was like to be one of the extraordinary women we studied.

Our art activities will be macaroni necklace, baby in a cradle, salt dough handprint, abstract mask, and egg carton sculpture.

For motor development we’ll work on strength with popcorn, bridges, planks, and situps. For proprioception, we’ll practice ball-of-war, marching in all directions, and carry the world on my shoulder.