Bring a thing used to build a house.

Topic: Housing

Most creatures make shelter for their families

The value is collaboration, which is to work together for the common good.

For safety we’ll practice saying “NO” to things that we know are not right or good for us.

Outside, we’ll imagine how we’ll build a house for ourselves.

The songs we’ll be singing are Day-O, Do-re-mi, Home on the Range, and Red River Valley. We’ll also work on patterned singing and clapping.

For creative dramatics, we’ll connect lots of ideas about how to build and what are other ways to use building supplies.

Our art activities are mazes, stamp sets, earthworm house, painting with a screen, paper roll houses, and animal houses.

For motor development, we’ll work on stamina with jumping jacks and running. For bilaterality, we’ll play balloon volleyball, imitate clapping or stomp patterns, and bunny hop.